Fall Apoptosis

What is your intention this month? Mine: to be in tune with the fall energies here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Before winter, the trees drop their leaves to avoid withering. Previously, they take care to extract the nutrients contained in the leaves, hence their change of colors, so characteristic of this fall season!

Wherever you are on our planet, in numerology, this month's energy, at staining 7, resonates well with this apoptosis (programmed cell death). VS? is the vibration of meditation, spirituality, sabbatical, contemplation of nature, far from the excitement?

It also symbolizes correct discernment, authenticity and completeness. There are seven days of the week, seven notes in the musical scale, seven colors of the rainbow, seven deadly sins? He dons a sacred cloak and embodies the entirety of the universe.

This wisdom of the 7 invites us to develop our interiority, linked to superior knowledge-forces in a way. Otherwise, connection to our senses, our intuition, to the environment around us. Interiority, essential, sobriety, simplicity are key words.

However, this month 7 (November) taking place during a year 5 (movement, adventure), this retreat is not static.

This month, 2 formats are available:


This month's playlist is inspired by this wisdom of the living. You will find, among other things:

  • Musical proposals without words, except " pou moin Maloya ”by Danyèl Waro, where he lets this inner voice express what maloya represents (music and dance from Reunion Island from Malagasy,? maloy aho? which means? to speak?).

  • Winks at Halloween, All Saints' Day. 

  • Small novelties of the moment with Lana del rey and Lil nas x

May this musical journey with an inner and secret atmosphere accompany you during this new autumn month.


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