General sales conditions

Article 1: Acceptance

These general conditions of sale establish the contractual conditions between Mrs. Martine Ngo Nlend Manga and her customers, they are applicable to any purchase made on this site.

Their acceptance is formalized by checking the box "By checking this box, you accept our general conditions and acknowledge having read the legal notices accessible at the bottom of the page. », Prior to any registration. By checking this box, you agree to comply with these general conditions of sale, which you acknowledge having read, understood and accepted in their entirety. If you refuse to accept these terms of use, we thank you for not proceeding with any registration or order on our site.

Madame Martine Ngo Nlend Manga reserves the right to modify its general conditions of sale at any time.

The applicable general conditions of sale are those in force on the date of the order placed by the customer.

Anyone wishing to order on the site must follow a registration procedure allowing them to create a customer account, indicating their e-mail address, last name, first name, address, telephone number. The client's password is strictly personal. Any loss or forgetfulness must be reported promptly.

These general conditions of sale will prevail over all other conditions appearing in any other document, except prior exemption, express and written.

The contractual information is presented in French.

Article 2: Campaign drive products and services

2-1: Product and service offer

The list and the characteristics of the products offered on are likely to be modified and adapted at any time to better meet your expectations.
The photographs, illustrations and texts on the website are not contractual.
The products and services offered on our website comply with French law.

2-2: Product availability

The products and services are available at the prices and conditions offered on our website when you place your order.

When setting up your basket, you have information on the availability of a product before its selection (item grayed out in case of rupture).

As soon as your order has been confirmed, Madame Martine Ngo Nlend Manga will confirm the availability of the products ordered.

2-3: Availability of promotions

The products in promotions are offered on our website while stocks last.

2-4: Product prices

All orders are payable in euros. The prices of products and services are likely to be updated from day to day. The prices invoiced are those in force on the day the order is placed. They appear on the presentation sheets of the products and services offered for sale as well as on the summary of your order. The prices indicated are VAT and tax prices specific to the products or services included.

Article 3: Choice of the place of provision of the products

3-1: Registration and sending of the order

All products ordered on the site are summarized before you are asked to confirm your order. When this operation is carried out, your order is registered automatically and becomes firm and final.

3-2: Confirmation of receipt of the order by the campaigns drive, preparation of the order and formation of the contract

Madame Martine Ngo Nlend Manga confirms the receipt of your order. This confirmation is sent to you by email summarizing the products ordered, the date of withdrawal of your order. All prices mentioned on this email include VAT and any other taxes or contributions that may be imposed by law. The possible unavailability of certain items during the withdrawal of your order does not affect the order of other products. Their price will be deducted from the total of the order before debit. Madame Martine Ngo Nlend Manga reserves the right to not accept an order for a legitimate reason (difficulty in supplying a product, problem concerning the understanding of the order received, foreseeable problem concerning the delivery to be made, abnormality of the order taking into account the current needs of a consumer?). If your order is not accepted, Mrs. Martine Ngo Nlend Manga will inform you by e-mail or by phone.

3-3: Transfer of product ownership

Madame Martine Ngo Nlend Manga retains full ownership of the products sold until full payment of all amounts due in connection with your order, all costs and taxes included. From the withdrawal of the products ordered by you, the risks incurred by the products that you have received are immediately transferred to you.

Article 4: The deadlines for making your order available

Madame Martine Ngo Nlend Manga confirms the date and time of collection of your order by e-mail.

The dates and times for collecting the products ordered are indicated on the order confirmation.

Madame Martine Ngo Nlend Manga cannot be held responsible in the event of a delay in making the order available or not making the entire order available.

Article 5: Processing your order

5-1: Ordering information

The purchaser is responsible for the completeness and conformity of the information (address, pick-up point, pick-up times, bank details?) Validated during the order.

5-2: Fight against fraud

In order to protect your interests and to limit the risk of fraud in distance selling, Ms. Martine Ngo Nlend Manga may be required to carry out checks on orders placed on the site. In the event of a risk of fraud detected, Martine Ngo Nlend Manga reserves the right to carry out a check against appeal or to cancel the order to guarantee the security of online transactions.

Article 6: payment

Payments are made by credit card or cash. We use a secure system that protects against the risk of fraud and guarantees the confidentiality of bank card numbers.
The cards accepted on the site are VISA and Mastercard type cards. Payment vouchers Dematerialized restaurant tickets are not accepted.
Payment for the order is made only during the order validation. A request for authorization to debit the credit card is then made for the total amount of the order indicated on the website. In no case may the amount debited be greater than the amount of the order confirmation received by the customer. Madame Martine Ngo Nlend Manga reserves the right to modify the amount debited downwards following a missing product or following the preparation of a cut or variable weight product (chicken, cheese, etc.?). In this case a refund will be made to the customer's account.

Article 7: Invoice

Your invoice is available online after the withdrawal of your order in your personal space.

Article 8: Customer account

To place an order, the customer must create a customer account and define a username and password. This information is saved for statistical purposes and will under no circumstances be distributed to third parties without prior authorization from the customer.

The customer is solely responsible for his user name and password, Mrs. Martine Ngo Nlend Manga can not be held responsible in the event of the loss and fraudulent use that could result from it. In the event of a forgotten password, the customer has a function to reset it on the website.

Article 9: Electronic signature

The confirmation of your order by your "double-click", the authentication and protection of all messages constitute an electronic signature. This electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature between the parties. Any order summary that you validated with a? Double-click? constitutes an irrevocable commitment. All orders are subject to a confirmation email. This document, to be kept, constitutes proof of your order and of the contract between the parties. Madame Martine Ngo Nlend Manga systematically archives proof of orders and invoices that can be produced if necessary.

9-1: Complaints

Complaints must be made by e-mail or on the internal site. For all fresh products, complaints must be made within 24 hours of picking up the order.

Damage resulting from improper use of the products sold on the website cannot be covered by Mrs. Martine Ngo Nlend Manga.

These general conditions of sale were updated on 08/12/2020.


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