Those who do not develop their imagination
will have to be content with reality

What world do you dream of?

Many feel on an individual scale a resonance of the historical transition underway on a global scale.
Like any transitional phase, it can be accompanied by upheavals, questions and tensions.
How to transmute these low energies into positive? 
One answer would be to help stimulate paradigm shifts ?. To decolonize imaginaries as some would say.
By creating an inspiring database of possibilities, desired futures, new stories.

Hence the idea of co-writing and directing 1 video clip, with different groups of the creation entitled "Muetation".   

“Muetation”  is an excerpt from the soundtrack Enjaïance®.

 A game around mutation (genetic, professional), moult (physical, biological change) and transmutation (alchemical?). 

Composed in Bassa - Cameroonian vernacular - French and English. Evoke the passage from Ndutu - suffering - to Ngwéha - love.

The Cavacha rhythm - born in Congo in the 1970s - is one of the inspirations by its evocation of the train; Centerpiece of the first industrial revolution, at the time a symbol of freedom and the conquest of new territories.

Enjaïance derives from the trendy Ivorian language s'jailler, synonymous with having fun.
Through traditional-modern Afro songs and rhythms, it is a joyful experience of body and soul transcendence that brings you back to your Source. 
Beyond a musical album, it is initiatory & prospective journey; recommended in transition periods professional and personal.

Produced with love between New Caledonia, Australia, Reunion, Madagascar, Namibia, Cameroon, France.


Healer Artist - DE nurse, dancer, singer-songwriter. Initiated among others in NLP, coaching, music therapy, quantum psychobiology.
Has accompanied dozens of coaches, caregivers and therapists to develop a professional activity that makes them want to dance for joy.


Need help or information? Leave me a message and I will contact you as soon as possible


Need help or information? Leave me a message and I will contact you as soon as possible