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Enguiguilayé ... Ewéssé ... Once upon a time ...

It is the story of a little girl who was afraid of the dark. 
Freshly arrived from the city for a few weeks vacation in the village with his grandmother and his cousins.
The transition was not easy. Mbombô - grandmother - had chosen to live in the background, just on the edge of the forest.
If the place was safe, it continually rustled with the sounds of animals and plants new and strange to her. The night was particularly impressive when the trees looked like monsters. 
To facilitate this passage, when going to bed, mbombô would start singing, clapping her hands and the little one would sing with her, moving her little body, to end up falling asleep reassured. 


Elle ne le savait pas encore, mais c?était le prélude de ce qui deviendra le GROOVE GUERISSEUR. Un ensemble de pratiques créatives et thérapeutiques à l’intersection de l’Artistique, du Soin et de l’Invisible ; En quelque sorte, une agence de voyages intérieurs qui aide à garder le groove lors des périodes de transition personnelle et professionnelle. 



The creation Enjaïance® is rooted in African heritage: from the African Equator to the Southern tip of Africa.
Enjaïance derives from the trendy Ivorian language "s'Enjailler", which means to have a good time. 
It is a musical journey that helps to move from Blues to Groove.
A travers des chants et rythmes afro tradi-modernes, c?est une invitation à se reconnecter, activer, incorporer, laisser émerger, s?enjailler, en s?appuyant sur la médecine ancestrale des sons et les cultures populaires Bantu.
Traditionally in Black Africa, we share a vision of the world connected to greater than ourselves (ancestors, guardian spirits, religions).
Sound (words, rhythms ...), movement (gestures, dances) allow to tune with the pulsations of the universe. Art facilitates the connection with the subtle and offers ways to heal the world.
To reap the full benefits, the public should not just be a spectator; he has to get involved emotionally.
Everyone chooses to participate in their own way to instill this sacred dimension. Light a candle when you take the laundry out of the machine, close your eyes lying on your sofa, burn an incense stick, etc.  The possibilities are limitless…
Produced with love between New Caledonia, Australia, Reunion, Madagascar, Namibia, Cameroon, France.


HEALTHY ARTIST - State Registered Nurse.

Born in Cameroon, grew up between Africa, Oceania and Europe. 

Musique (didgeridoo, ukulele, tambours?), Danse, Chant, font partie de ses canaux pour aider à naviguer les périodes de transition.

Initiée notamment en musicothérapie active, coaching, hypnose, elle a accompagné des dizaines de coaches et de thérapeutes à développer une activité qui leur donne envie de danser de joie.



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