To those who wonder:  how to start a professional transition / development / retraining ? Creation Enjaïance will allow us to provide some answers.
Enjaïance® derives from the trendy Ivorian language s'jailler, synonymous with having fun.
Through traditional-modern Afro songs and rhythms, it is a joyful experience of body and soul transcendence that brings you back to your Source.


To experience the Healing Groove is to reconnect with the power of sound and movement.


 Enjaïance is not simply a piece - hyperdimension - musical & choreographic, it's a rite of passage. The soundtrack takes you beyond a musical album or a music therapy session; it's a initiatory & prospective journey. Take advantage in the interrogation periods, when you feel a need to inner guidance, ofinspiration.

Produced between New Caledonia, Australia, Reunion, Madagascar, Namibia, Cameroon, France.


Healer Artist - DE nurse, dancer, singer-songwriter. Initiated among others in NLP, coaching, music therapy, quantum psychobiology.
Has accompanied dozens of coaches, caregivers and therapists to develop a professional activity that makes them want to dance for joy.





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