Love, Care, Cure

The fall entry of this month of October is under the vibration of the number 6?

The moment is to dance with the cure (to heal, to repair), the care (to take care) and the Love. Compassion and Love are key words. Deep love, from soul to soul, in all its forms, filial, friendly, amorous, etc.

The 6 also indicates that harmony and beauty are sought in different areas (people, environment, health, finances).

If we look at the side of the language of the birds:

Love is transformed into A depriving of death, A-mour l?amour is then a way of suppressing death) 

Harmony (Weapons in the nest) translates a search for appeasement

Last September focused on change, innovation. October 2021 calls for resilience and solidarity.

The music selected this month is soft, enveloping, an invitation to "do good" by remembering that well-ordered charity begins with oneself!

This month, 2 formats are available:

This month's teasers: 

  • We will talk about the title again "Can't help myself" later in the month? A special invitation will be coming to you soon...

  • The gong is doubly present in the Spotify playlist: cocooning softness then intense vibrancy... You will understand why

  • If you only had time for 1 audio track, I recommend "Vaccin d'amour", by Francis Bebey (more than 30 years old, but so topical)

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