Work Songs and Labor Day

On this day when we celebrate the struggle of workers, I had fun concocting an ad hoc playlist.

Our musical journey goes back to worksongs, slaves of the slave trade to whom it was not among to speak, but who could sing while killing themselves at work. The music ? one of the rare links allowed with their African origins? “softened” the barbarity of work + was good for “yield”.

A rich heritage from which will flow the Negro Spirituals (African slaves could identify themselves with the Hebrew captives in Egypt mentioned in the biblical old testament), the Chain Gang (song of chained prisoners), Gospel, Rhythm and Blues, Soul Music, Jazz, and many others including current Pop music.
How can we forget Bob Marley the prophet (yes I think he has that dimension), gone 40 years ago already this month?
Included, a detour to the Basque country with the Txalaparta and an associated work song; as well as in the Congo Basin with a hit from my childhood "everybody on Saturday evening" on which we danced until no time in the sweltering maquis to conclude the hard week's work (I was in bed before 10 p.m. but my ears remained active?).
You decide, but this playlist is not, strictly speaking, just background music. At times, there will be a desire to make others explode, to growl thinking of those who annoy you at work, sometimes to take the sign and join the union procession in the street (I came across the parade in the center of Bordeaux later), or some titles will titillate your spleen?
In any case, if you don't have lily of the valley physically, can this selection help you to consider a cheerful moult in these times of change?

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