Time to - get - moving?

This month of September 2021 carries in numerology a vibration 14, (September (9) + 2021 (2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5) which can be reduced to 5.

The 5 evoked movement, exploration, adventure, liberation, freedom, innovation, etc. So things are moving during this back-to-school period. With the intense socio-political context, the principles that guide your life - the values - can be challenged. For some, I am thinking in particular of caregivers, this period is a turning point with important decisions to be taken quickly.

While excitement, adventure, rapid decision-making can be present, confusion, tensions, hesitation, sadness can also be part of the game.

Wisdom would recommend not to confuse speed and haste, action and reaction.

It is then a question of negotiating with the call to adventure, of cultivating resilience and anchoring at the same time so as not to lose footing.

Especially since 14, it is the number of the scribe, in connection with the media, communication and the flow of data information, which grows more every day.

In this movement of exchanges and decisions, our relationships with others are also challenged. Let us keep in mind that deep down we all want to feel loved and secure.  

This month's musical prescription invites you to explore different musical universes, but above all a palette of varied emotions.

You can fight for your ideas, but music not only softens mores, but also allows you to express yourself with art and style.

This month, 2 formats are available:


It is about

  • Choice: obedience or resistance? Act with your head, your heart or both (special mention to France Gall).

  • Hope and light ? reconnect with oneself, human nature, itself connected to Nature

  • Contrasting emotions: aespecially with Munyengue na Ndutu by Manu Dibango who conveys the idea that pain and joy go together

HeWishing you great adventures ...





PS In ? good ? nurse, some recommendations:

The songs are arranged in a certain order, but it is not essential to follow it
Listen with headphones or speakers to capture the subtleties 
Certain titles will not necessarily resonate immediately, but they are there for their messages and vibratory qualities. Allow yourself to loosen the buttocks and let yourself be permeated
Listen several times, forward to acquaintances who could benefit from it, caregivers around you for example?

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