Music medicine May 2021

New start energies

Today, I take my prescription to write a new prescription, the music medicine for this month of May.

This, while the new moon in Taurus still darts its rays. Synonymous with beginning, this is a great time to set intentions and allow them to develop during the month.

It is rather good because the numerological vibrations of this month = 5 (May) + 5 (2021) = 10.

10 can be reduced to 1 symbol for starting a new cycle.

So here we are at the dawn of a new world in a way. Illustrated here by a souvenir photo of the surroundings of Trinidad in Cuba, this New World, "discovered" by Christopher Columbus some 5 centuries ago.

The number 1 corresponds to the letter A in the Western alphabet, it is an energy which goes forward. The 5 rhymes with exploring new avenues or even taking risks. Both are pivotal figures, which bode well for decision-making and even major changes. The number 10 on the other hand stimulates creativity, imagination, and intuition with a happy event vibration.

So this month could be a watershed moment, where you no longer want to hold back, but make the changes that you always wanted to make.

To support you on this path, this playlist includes in particular:

  • samples of concrete music (variations for a door and 1 sigh), made without instruments, by associating everyday elements with electoacoustic, sound exploration if any
  • the new world symphony (allegro con fuoco), first work written in America, by Dvorak
  • also, also, also, and and an ode to the versatility and the pluri-potential of each one, to embody, without complex (the day when I understood that since all this time Björk was singing in English has revolutionized my way of perceiving the accents of the language)
    the intro and the outro of the playlist are an invitation to live an epic adventure (2 extracts from the soundtrack of Black Panther (#wakandaForever) and the intro of the films of the 20th century Fox studios (long live the peplum? not the clothing but the cinematographic genre, which prepares you to experience a grandiose story on screen).

It is also about connecting to the earth (Taurus is the anchor), to others (wakanda in the Kikongo language of Kongo can be translated as “of our family”), with resources available in abundance, to vibrate at a higher frequency.

And while walking on this spiritual path with your feet on the ground, do not forget to put yourself under the good almshouses of Ganesh, which has the power to remove obstacles.

After all as the other would say, we are the ancestors of the future.

This month, the soundtrack is more optimistic, more tonic than the previous one. It takes energy to boost, ignite a flame (to ignite in English).

It is not MHD ( the power ) who will contradict us. Yeah big!


Good Trip


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