Music medicine June 2021

The medicine music of June is in line with the previous one.

Indeed, the vibration of the month is 11 (month 6 + year 5) which can be reduced to 2.
It is a feminine energy, favorable to the duo, to the collaboration.
You will therefore find in the playlist different types of duel link (love, fraternal?)

However, we are invited to dwell more on the energy of the master number 11; the psychic master or medium. In other words, enjoy the present moment, pay attention to your senses...
Popular wisdom helps us a lot at this level. Hence the choice of “pop” music that invites you to open your eyes (so look at P. Bruel), to listen (“listen to Beyonce”), to dance – preferably with someone – (I wanna dance with somebody).

This will boost your intuition, your relationship with the invisible. A Cycle where decisions can be made quickly personally and professionally.
11 is a double energy of new beginning, a powerful vibration. There is a notion of requirement to connect to the master in oneself. Will you accept to embody this power?
Remember, connecting to the sentient also assures you that you are not alone.
As another saying tells us? Ask and you shall receive...


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