Fire & Ice

But where did the time go? It's already the last month of the year. 

November was a preparation, a pause, a movement inward.

December invites outside. 

With vibration 8, it's about taking your place, asserting yourself, recognizing your value, and taking action for what will have matured in the last month. 

And to go all out: great vision, expansion, abundance, infinity, are the key words with the vibration 8.


This month too, 2 formats are offered:

The playlist “Fire & Ice” of this month is inspired by this mixed context.


You will find there among others:

    • My recent crush “My joy is heavy” and pure groove tracks dance for long periods of time without interruption and ward off negative vibes

    • Nods to the Christmas festivities (Nutcracker, Santa baby…)

    • From novelties to stay in the current egregore (Health of Stromaé, Lipstick…) 

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