Between Shadow & Light

Is it because of the mixed weather in our latitudes? The usual summer lightness has given way to a dense, even heavy atmosphere. The current socio-economic and health context certainly contributes to this.

For this new month, we will be carried by the energy of the number 13 (8 (August) + 5 (2021) = 13). Object of superstitions and fantasies, but also of knowledge long "hidden" for the general public.

Thirteen is also associated with sacred feminine. This one awakens a response to the call of our intuition, from a more underground source, born in the subtle world? A reconnection with what lies dormant in oneself, its bewitching and powerful part. This feminine energy guides us with a certain interior force in love, benevolence, beauty, peace and healing.

With vibration 13, we could say that the veil rises between shadow and light? Thus, the thirteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Mem, happens to be the first letter of the word met (??), a synonym for death. We can also make the link with the letter "M" of the French language. Just as the thirteenth card of the Tarot de Marseille (a skeleton holding a scythe) can mean, chasing the old patterns to start again on new bases.

The 13 is connected to the natural cycles of life. Life, death, transformation, renewal. One thing dies giving birth to another.

It is also the number of lunations in a year.

13 also reduces to 4; Vibration 4 is equivalent to put things in order, and things in their place. Creation in matter intensifies. Long-term vision and stability are present!

We can therefore expect in-depth transformations: interior cleaning, liberation from the past, change of habits, construction on a new, healthier base, meetings, new beginnings?

Like prolonged waves on the surface of water, light and sound also belong to the periodic wave family.

Some selected pieces of this trip transformative musical to accompany you on this cycle of renewal and growth:

  • Opening of the festivities with Spirit Bird, which was born from a human connection with a cockatoo? "Those wise old souls have been ground down for far too long (?) Soldier On". We feel the power of this call to link our ancestral past to our actions now.
  • Renaissance assured on the vibes of Bittersweet (a priori there is a bittersweet summer rain that allows this, we are off to a good start, is not it! ;-))
  • Hidden In The Curent, share the impression of being in a sound tunnel and interstellar journey? Perfect for this accompaniment.
  • Four Women, by Nina Simone, so poignant! Tinted with an exasperation that had been suppressed for too long and had to be poured out more than anything.
  • Amazon Pt. 7 is an excerpt from the sound creation by Jean-Michel JARRE to accompany the eponymous exhibition by Sebastião and Lélia Salgado currently in Paris. Intense atmosphere, morning of luminous notes in this splendid nature

More than ever, we need escape and travel (including domestic ones)!

Even in rainy weather, you will be able to connect to the sun, shiver when it is hot, vibrate with these musical nuances, to better immerse yourself in this new transformative cycle.

It remains for me to wish you a beautiful crossing of the river?






PS In ? good ? nurse, some recommendations:

The songs are arranged in a certain order, but it is not essential to follow it
Listen with headphones or speakers to capture the subtleties (on Amazonia, pt. 7 for example to hear birds, rain, thunderstorm?)
Certain titles will not necessarily resonate immediately, but they are there for their messages and vibratory qualities. Allow yourself to loosen the buttocks and let yourself be permeated
Listen several times, forward to acquaintances who could benefit from it, caregivers around you for example?


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