The Tidal Bore - wave of change ...

This is the story of a wave that has the power to modify the course of water. 
Some think it only happens once a year. In reality, it breaks twice a day; From April to October, at dawn and dusk, at rising tide, during new and full moons. Its flow evokes in Gascon, the undulating movement of a running cow. 
Live this phenomenon it is first to perceive a quivering of the surface of the water. The wave intensifies as it advances. The din becomes deafening. The excitement grows, with it an unparalleled cellular resonance. Yes, we are essentially made up of water. Before this new wave, the water flows from right to left. Gradually we see the current reverse. 
A striking parallel to the ongoing planetary mutations. Robin Sharma says that any change is difficult in the beginning, complicated in the middle and beautiful in the end. Here, we realize that the tumult rubs shoulders with the sublime. However, it is necessary to take height to fully notice it? 
For surfers and kayakers, it?s a question of who can last the longest on the wave. 
Finding your flow requires preparation, patience, concentration, letting go. We are at a change of civilization, the "world before" is disappearing. 
At the heart of this liminal space, we seek new landmarks. One wonders – inevitably? – what really matters to me now? How am I called to a new vision, broader perceptions, of my life, of my professional activity, more in phase with the evolutions of this world? Observing Nature is rich in lessons, as usual. This ground swell prefigures a new era rich in new inspiring stories...

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